The End of Summer


I have never experience a place so beautiful. We did plenty of hiking, including climbing to the top of three mountains. 




A few weeks later: Salmonsock! The girls and I made the three and a half hour road trip to Ninilchik for music and beer. It was a blast. 

And then… I ran my first half marathon! 

The race was followed by a week of vacation and the start of football season. Seward this weekend, a visit from Natalie in two weeks and another half marathon in October. Fall is shaping up to be a busy one! 

Recent Alaskan Adventures

Okay, so I live in Alaska. But I’ve yet to actually write about my adventures. I’ve decided to change that. 

Here’s a brief update on Alaskan life: it’s awesome. Work is going well, there are all sorts of places to explore and I love it here. 

Two weeks ago Aaron and I traveled to Seward for his 26th birthday. We took a wildlife cruise, ate at the brewery and then hiked up to (and on) Exit Glacier. 

Then, this week we headed to Bodenburg Butte for a quick hike to the top. It was a short hike, but oh my was it steep. There was even some rock climbing involved. It took a lot to get up there, but it was worth it. 

Last night was spent at a bonfire on the mudflats at the Bluff. Gorgeous sunset, fun people and a fire. Who could ask for a better Saturday night? 

We wrapped up the 4th weekend with a trip to the Forest Fair in Girdwood. Lots of yummy food, fun crafts to check out and talented bands to listen to. We both walked away with several Alaskan-made goodies. But the best: chocolate covered bacon… on a stick! It sounds unappealing (I was uneasy about getting a whole slice to myself) but it was oh-so-delicious. 

Next week, we’re headed to Denali National Park! Campsites and cabins are booked, and we will be spending four days in the park to celebrate our two year anniversary. I’m really excited to get my camp on!

We did the #bean thing @denzelbutterscotch403 @krcook89  (at The Bean, Millennium Park)

We did the #bean thing @denzelbutterscotch403 @krcook89 (at The Bean, Millennium Park)

I feel like this is some dream world we’re in.

It’s like our time together is just ours. It’s our own creation. It must be like I’m in your dream, and you’re in mine.

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